I'm a Leader, You're a Leader...

Yesterday's FUSE was pretty amusing!  Awesome people were in attendance, and all together we had a great time!! FUSE Jesus Community's band played with talent, and Mike led us in a game of... shaving balloons!  It was a bit scary of a game, and many thought that the boys had the advantage.  HOWEVER, it was the girls team that was able to do it with speed and agility! 前回のFJCも最高だった!最高の仲間たちと一緒に超楽しい時間を過ごせた☆FuseBandも最高の音楽を届けてくれ、Mikeのゲームコーナーでは・・・風船髭剃り?!風船についたシェービングクリームをシェーバーでそぎ落とすちょっと怖いゲームだったけど、いつも髭剃りを日常的にしているボーイズチームをよそ目に、ガールズチームが勝利!超マッハだったね!

Afterwards, Mark shared with us about how everyone is a leader!  It gave everyone a lot to talk about afterward, when we thought about our own spheres of influence, and what areas we are gifted in, and how we can use that to be a good influence and encourage and build others up!  It was great!  You can check the video out and think about it to at:

Next week, we will continue the series.  Janine will share on Servant Leadership, which sounds like it contradicts itself.  To find out how it turns out, please join us this Sunday!!  Also, mark your calendar for Sunday, September 19, our friend Daisuke Yokoyama ( will be joining us and doing a special performance.  You won't want to miss it! 次週もリーダーシップシリーズ第2弾!Janineが「仕えるリーダーシップ」という、まるで間逆に聞こえるこの二つの単語の重要なつながりについて熱く語ります!そして、9月19日はFuseにスペシャル・ゲスト・ミュージシャン登場!横山大輔さん(がスペシャルアコースティックライブをしてくれます!みんなともだちも誘って来てね!!

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