A Hot Topic!

It was a HOT day at FUSE Jesus Community last week!  Last week, we finished up our Relationship Series with the final topic: Sex~  It was great to hear about sex, how to best enjoy it, and what makes it dangerous and what makes it safe.  There was a lot of great information, in everything from surveys to statistics and everything.  Everyone really enjoyed this week's message!  If you missed it, please check it out on vimeo! 

Also, we enjoyed some excellent music from the FUSE band as always!  They always sound great and you can really enjoy their music!  On Sunday, Kengo also shared with us a story about what he's learned recently through the death of a family member.  Even though it was a difficult thing, he learned some things and was able to have a very unique experience.  The video should shortly be up on youtube!  Check it out!! 

The FUSE Jesus Community Christmas Party is coming up!!! How exciting! We will celebrate together on December 19th with the special guest pro Gospel Singer Yukiko Tanaka! Please come along, bring your friends! And afterwards from 5:30pm, we're going to have a FUSE Christmas Dinner Party! It will be 2000yen per person at Machida's TGIFriday's! Sign up for the party is available at FUSE Jesus Community at the Welcoming Table, so be sure to stop by on Sunday! The registration deadline is December 2nd!  

Be there on Sunday!! We meet every week at the new CLOUD 9 Studio in Machida! Every Sunday at 3pm! Come join a great Community and meet lots of new friends at this International Church!! We look forward to meeting you!! 

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